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    10 FADE
    Daily Masses at 8:15 am Visit our Mass page to see our weekend Mass schedule. Read Here /mission-statement _self
    Church AND School
    Register for the 2021-2022 school year today ! Tours Available: Virtual and Face to Face School Website-Click Here https://www.saintalphonsusschool.com/ _blank
    Registration for 2021-2022 still open Sacraments require 2 years of Religious Education preparation. Details Here /religious-education-grades-k-8 _self
    Sign Up HERE https://visitor.constantcontact.com/manage/optin?v=001jJ9sJ4EpelmkTHO9oGhc1_Q7agCge25Sl-qeelgCTUqgqTNtJhfCKAbzDAgFqf3Y2ZWAeqBxd1WcRjb7bnqo1kaWClphfi60 _blank
    12/8/2020 - 12/8/2021 https://www.vaticannews.va/en/pope/news/2020-12/pope-francis-proclaims-year-of-st-joseph.html _blank